Discover Ettelbruck on foot

Ettelbruck is a place made to be explored on foot. A pleasant 2.2km (1.5 mile) walking tour takes visitors through the old town and the pedestrian zone, introducing them to the town’s rich history. The trail is marked by blue signs with the humorous, easy-to-recognise Attila the Hun logo. This circuit is open to all, since all stages are accessible with a pushchair or a wheelchair.

No fewer than 15 information panels along the way describe the town’s history, from 901AD to the present day. The trail takes in the Town Hall, St. Sebastian’s Church, St. Anne’s Private School, Resistance Square with the “Botterfra” sculpture, the Synagogue, the 1942 Strike monument, the monument to the “Äschenhiwwel” fire in 1778, Mary Adelaide Square and the CAPE cultural centre.