Container park

Container park Ettelbruck

Rue du Deich
Close to the multifunctional sports hall

Monday – Saturday
8.15-11.45 and 13.00-16.45 hrs


8.15-11.45 and 13.00-16.45 hrs

From April 1st to October 31, the container park is open on Wednesdays until 18.45.

Paper, cardboard, glass, old clothes, green waste, iron and metals.

The use of the container park is strictly reserved for citizens of Ettelbruck and Schieren.

Residents of other communes are asked to dispose of their rubbish at the SIDEC landfill site in Diekirch/Fridhaff. The municipal officer responsible for supervising the park reserves the right to refuse access to users or to exclude users who are not in order.

Container park Diekirch-Fridhaff

L-9378 Diekirch

Tél . :

Tuesday – Friday
09.00-11.45 and 13.00-17.00 hrs

09.00-16.00 hrs