Neighbourhood Mediation

Have a neighbourhood problem? Noise, plantations, damage, works, animals, property rights, etc.

Don’t delay! Come meet a mediator in the municipality!



  • is voluntary;
  • fosters a climate of dialogue and cooperation during a neighbourhood conflict;
  • helps to build a solution that is satisfactory to each person;
  • is confidential;
  • may be conducted in Luxembourgish, French, German and Portuguese languages.


The mediator

  • is a professional trained in mediation;
  • intervenes to facilitate communication in a conflict situation;
  • accompanies the parties’ thinking by allowing them to reach their agreement;
  • does not take sides;
  • is subject to professional secrecy.


Your benefits:

  • A free service reserved for the residents of the Municipality of Ettelbruck.
  • An alternative to traditional justice.
  • Can help you regain a better quality of life.
  • Nothing to lose, but maybe everything to gain!


How does it work?

Each person received in the Mediation Department will benefit from individual and attentive listening. Depending on your needs, the department will put in place the necessary steps to manage your conflict.

The Municipality of Ettelbruck Mediation Department is at your disposal. Leave a message and your contact information at 81 91 81 444 or email

A mediator will contact you as soon as possible.