Electoral list

Electoral list

In Luxembourg, voting participation is mandatory for persons of Luxembourgish nationality. Foreign nationals may, under certain conditions, participate in the municipal election and European elections.

Any person of Luxembourgish nationality over the age of 18, domiciled in the municipality of Ettelbruck, and who enjoys civil and political rights, is automatically registered on the electoral list. A foreign national who wishes to participate for the first time in the municipal elections and/or European elections applies for registration on the electoral list.

Applications for registration for municipal and/or European elections are available at the Population Office. The foreign national must file the application with a valid identification document and a certificate of residence that proves the length of residence.

For European elections, the individual must be a national of a Member State of the European Union, be domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. For municipal elections, they must be domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and have resided there, at the time of application for registration, for at least five years.


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