Civil registry

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
B.P. 116
L-9002 Ettelbruck

Opening hours:

8.00 hrs – 11.30 hrs et
13.30 hrs – 16.30 hrs

Wednesday (evenings):
8.00 hrs – 11.30 hrs et
13.30 hrs – 18.30 hrs

The Civil Registry draws up the declarations of birth, death and acknowledgement. Contact the Civil Registry for any question relating to marriage (opening the file), nationality (application for naturalisation) and the concession on the cemetery (acquisition of a concession).

Request for certificate

All birth, death and marriage certificate will be sent against a transfer of 4.00 € (2.50 € chancellery fee + 1.50 € postage fee) per document requested to the current account CCPL IBAN LU 29 1111 0010 4171 0000 of the City of Ettelbruck.

Swift Code: CCPLLULL

Cheques are not accepted.

For any certificate requested, the name of the person concerned, as well as the exact date of birth, the date of death, the date of marriage, must be indicated.

Upon receipt of the amount due, the requested certificate will be shipped.

Genealogical research

Certificates established before 1 January 1900)

The public is reminded that in the meeting of 3 April 2006, the municipal council made a modification to the tax regulations and added a genealogy charge of €10.00.