Certificates issued by the Population Office upon presentation of an identity document


An administrative fee of €2.50/certificate is payable to the municipal administration.

Certificates Issued

  • Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of registration on electoral lists
  • Life Certificate
  • True copy of original
  • Signature legalisation
  • Parental consent


Legalisation of signature

To legalise his/her own signature, the person concerned must come to the population office in person and sign the relevant document in front the official authorised to legalise the signature. The legalisation of the signature can only be done for the residents of the City of Ettelbruck.


Parental consent

Minors travelling abroad without their parents must carry, in addition to a valid ID, a parental authorisation.

This authorisation is issued by the population office of tthe commune of residence of the child.

The person who has parental authority over the child (father, mother and guardian) can apply for parental authorisation. Details regarding the child’s departure and return date, destination, and if applicable, the name of the accompanying person (who must be of legal age) must be provided.

A minor child who lives in Luxembourg and travels abroad must have a parental authorisation (authorisation to leave the territory) if they are not accompanied by a legal guardian (father, mother or guardian).

The request may therefore concern a minor travelling with adults who are not his/her legal guardians or a minor travelling with a parent (father or mother) who does not have parental authority over that child.

child who travels alone with his or her father or mother usually does not need parental authorisation. However, this rule varies depending on the country visited and the type of transport used (car, plane, etc.). Thus, the individual concerned can inquire with the airline used or with the embassy or consulate of the country concerned by the trip.


For information purposes: Law of 29 May 2009 abolishing the obligation to provide a certified true copy of an original document.

In any administrative procedure under the State, municipalities or a legal entity under public law, certification that is the exact true copy of an original document issued by a Luxembourg administrative authority or an administrative authority of another Member State of the European Union to be produced in this procedure cannot be required. In case of doubt about the validity of the copy produced or sent, the presentation of the original may be requested, with the reasons for this request.

The population office is not authorised to make a certified copy of civil registry extracts (birth, marriage, death).