In order to obtain a Luxembourg passport, the person concerned of Luxembourg nationality must personally report to the Population Office with their old passport and proof of payment of the fee.

Fee payment

Before applying for a passport with the municipality, the fee must be paid by transfer to account no. CCPL IBAN LU46 1111 1298 0014 0000 (beneficiary: Passport Office) with the reference “Biometric passport application for first/last name”.

Current Rates

– €30 for a child under 4 years of age; passport valid for 2 years
– €50 for anyone over 4 years of age; passport valid for 5 years

The person concerned has the choice to collect their new passport from the Population Office of the City of Ettelbruck or directly from the Passport Office, 43, bd. F.D.Roosevelt L-2450 Luxembourg Tel: 24788300

For information purposes:

Foreign nationals should contact their competent authority to apply for a passport (e.g. embassy or consulate).

Lost or stolen passport

The loss, theft or destruction of a passport should be reported promptly to the police and the Passport Office.

When applying for a new passport, a declaration of loss or theft is required.

The declaration of loss or theft to the Passport Office will result in the passport being invalidated.

Caution: If the lost passport is found, it should not be used under any circumstances, but returned to the Passport Office. This is because information about lost passports is transferred to an international database, and the use of a registered passport there can cause serious problems.